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The Do It Yourself Homestead
is the homesteading guidebook you've been waiting for with

FOUR different levels of homesteading to choose from
and a variety of topics, DIY projects and practical suggestions for your modern homestead.
Over 400 pages of homestead empowerment!
Do you lie awake at night, wondering how to make your family more self-sufficient in an uncertain world? 
Are you wondering how to expand your homesteading efforts while still maintaining the rest of your life? 
Maybe you’ve considered homesteading, but you’re stuck in an apartment, and don’t even know where to begin.
The Do It Yourself Homestead, will help you go from home to homestead little by little.  
With four levels of homesteadyness covered, there is truly something for everyone.

Are you a HOMESTARTER, the curious and courageous novice?
Or do you belong at the HOMESTEADISH level, with a bit of experience under your belt?
Perhaps you’re a HOMESTEADAHOLIC, eagerly pursing homesteading wherever you live?
Are you the sage HOMESTEADED type who fully identifies with the homesteading lifestyle?
The Do It Yourself Homestead will help you gain the skills you need to grow your self-sufficiency skills at your own level of experience and interest. 
From DIY projects to shared personal advice, the voices of a myriad of real life homesteaders, all on varying lot sizes, testify from these pages that you can do it!

The Do It Yourself Homestead will help you:

Create homesteading systems that are self-sustaining even if you live in the city.
Reach out to like-minded people to form a supportive homesteading network around you.
Grow your own, whatever that means for you.
And so much more!
Here’s what others are saying about The Do It Yourself Homestead:

“Intuitively, many people know that resiliency starts in the home, but as a culture we've lost the homestead arts.  Not to worry.  The Do It Yourself Homestead offers an eclectic recipe for success, whether you're starting or fine-tuning.  A great addition to any homesteader's library…”
--Joel Salatin, farmer, lecturer and author of Folks, This Ain’t Normal and Everything I Want to do is Illegal

"Shelter, food, and love: Is there anything more important? In The Do It Yourself Homestead, Tessa Zundel weaves these themes together, making homesteader dreams a practical reality. If you value family, food, and farming, then this is your book."
--Forrest Pritchard, farmer and New York Times bestselling author of Gaining Ground and Growing Tomorrow

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